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Bulletin Board

7/14/2020  Summer at LBTS

• Social distancing standards are still in effect for the Beach House deck. If you wish to enjoy the deck area, please remember to bring your own chairs.
• The LBTS Board and Security Staff do not have jurisdiction over the beach. Georgetown County is responsible for enforcing social distancing.
• Fireworks are not permitted anywhere on LBTS property.
• Please do not leave items behind on the beach including trash, beach furniture or tents.
• Please take care to fill in any holes you have dug on the beach. Open holes in the sand are safety issues for both humans and nesting turtles.
Thank you for helping us make this summer enjoyable for everyone.
Litchfield by the Sea Board of Directors


7/1/2020   River Club Pool Update

The only pool owned and operated by Litchfield by the Sea is located at River Club. The LBTS pool at River Club will remain closed for the time being due to the following reasons:

1. Insurance will not cover costs associated with a pandemic – whether it be related to someone having contracted COVID-19 or the legal defense costs necessary to defend the HOA against such a claim. The association’s attorney and insurance agent both recommended remaining closed at this time.

2. There has been an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases the past few weeks in Georgetown and Southern Horry counties. This is not the time to offer spaces that encourage groups to congregate.

In addition to other local sources you are currently monitoring you may want to include the following:
• South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) – specific to COVID-19
• Georgetown County website
• Tidelands Health Newsroom website

Additionally, protect yourself and others:
• Wear a protective face mask when in social situations
• Practice Social Distancing
• Wash hands often

The LBTS Board understands that people are frustrated but current conditions prevent the safe re-opening of the pool right now. The Board will continue to monitor local conditions and resources. Please stay safe and healthy!

We appreciate your patience and cooperation.
Board of Directors
Litchfield By The Sea Community Association, Inc.


LBTS President Bob Postiglione Summer 2020 Letter

July 30, 2020


Throughout the Summer, the Litchfield by the Sea Board has strove to maintain a semblance of normalcy in the amenities/facilities at Litchfield by the Sea while following the guidelines set by the CDC and Governor’s Office.  Now that “Masks, Social Distancing, Closures and Quarantines” have become part of our “New Normal”  the Board continues to feel it is our obligation to take appropriate actions on issues that are within its purview to limit potential risk.

As previously stated on this Website we continue to keep closed certain LBTS amenities that pose a potential risk.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will react accordingly. Please check the website periodically for updates or visit Waccamaw Management’s New “Town Square” App for up to date goings on throughout the LBTS Oceanside Campus and River Club.

All this being said… The Board and Waccamaw Management continue to perform the many day to day operations to maintain LBTS as we have become accustomed.  Some of the more noticeable projects completed or underway include:

1. Replacing wooden decking at several of the shower areas at the Beach House deck

2. Painting caution signs at the cross walks

3. Repairing the tennis court lights

4. Replacing an irrigation pump

 While I continue to be confident that we will get through this once in a lifetime experience, it only serves to remind us of the resiliency and strength of our great nation and its people.   

Again, we ask that all property owners and guests use caution and follow the recommended practices of official agencies of the Federal, State and Local governments. We strongly encourage that you limit your group activity and take proper precautions when the need arises to be in close proximity to others.  Your decisions not only affect you, but the health and well-being of others.

May God Bless you and your families… And may God Bless the United States of America!

Very Truly,


Bob Postiglione

Litchfield by the Sea Board President

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