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A Message from the LBTS Board

Dear fellow members of Litchfield by the Sea

As we reflect over the last few years, we find reasons to celebrate as well as challenges to meet.

The last two years have been among the most active we’ve ever seen at Litchfield by the Sea

(LBTS). Whether it's COVID-19, more baby boomers retiring or just more people discovering “our paradise at the beach,” we have experienced a boom in activity, property sales, property

values, and rental volumes.

The Grand Strand, including LBTS, saw over 20 million visitors in 2021. Property values have

surged nearly 20% on average and inventory of LBTS homes and condos for sale has declined to

historically low levels. All that confirms what we have known all along - this is a great place to


However, this kind of resurgence has created challenges. Our shared services - security, beach

club usage, oceanfront parking, and general upkeep - have been strained. Comprising 31

communities made up of 2,788 properties, LBTS is 65 years old. While maintaining our shared

infrastructure, superstructure, and landscaping, we are - at the same time - looking toward the

future to ensure that LBTS members continue to enjoy a quality resort experience provided in a

strategic, cost-effective manner.

For 2022 our goals are to:

1. Provide a safe, friendly, enjoyable, and beautiful experience for owners and visitors.

2. Improve the central beach access point – including Beach Club parking and deck - for the

more than 2,000 property owners without direct beach access.

3. Strengthen our security operations to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and use our amenities.

4. Benchmark LBTS to other top tier Carolina resort facilities to ensure that the LBTS name

is synonymous with the highest quality in all aspects of services, facilities and amenities


5. Develop funding that spreads the cost of maintenance, improvements, and security to all

who have access to and utilize our facility.

6. Improve two-way communication between the LBTS property owners and the governing board as well as among the different neighborhoods to build a shared feeling of community and purpose.

7.  Develop a 10-year plan for LBTS, size the cost, and present funding options to LBTS community members.



Your Litchfield by the Sea Board of Directors,

 Bob Postiglione- Shipyard Village

 Dr. Vic Figlar- Willbrook Plantation

 Dr. Carroll Player- Osprey Watch

 Scott Manhoff- Avian Forest

 Bruce Allan- The Reserve

 Larry Ferguson- Charlestowne Grant

 Wayne Flowers- Heron Marsh

 Bob Gilman- River Club

LBTS Map A.png