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Beach and Deck Rules

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Beach Rules
Litchfield-by-the-Sea is a
fireworks-free zone.  
Fireworks are strictly prohibited.


Dogs Must be Leashed on
Georgetown County Beaches!

9 AM – 7 PM……. year-round!

(Ordinance # 2007-06, August-22-2007)

Dogs must always be leashed in

Glass containers prohibited on all Georgetown County beaches.  Fines enforced by Sheriff’s Marine Patrol Unit.


1.  Depart the beach with all of your possessions and trash.


 2. Take unwanted articles and discard them into proper trash receptacles.


 3. Never dig a hole unattended large enough for someone to be injured.  Cover it completely when leaving. Yes, the tide does come in and sometimes it takes care of the problem if is a hole left by that of a small child.


 4. Watch for your own safety and that of any person who seems to be oblivious to their surroundings or an unattended small child.


 5. Swim safely:


  •  Don't swim in areas of schools of fish. This is where you may find a shark.


  •  Do not swim over knee deep in early morning or late evenings.


  •  Do not swim around rip tides.


  • Never try to rescue anyone without proper training.  (Reach, Row, Throw then Go with proper training).


 6.  Items left on the beach after dark will be considered abandoned property and will be removed at owners expense.

Deck Rules






You may use the handicap ramp to

take bicycles to the beach.

Do not use soap when using the showers.

The main deck and the upper decks cannot be reserved and must remain open to all.

Please supervise your children.  

Do not use the showers and water hoses more than necessary to wash off.  

They are not to be used as play things.

Do not remove any of the furniture from the deck.

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