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Contact Deb Cyrek for Beach House information 
Phone (843) 237-9551 or (800) 537-0641 

Beach Club House

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Information Beach Club House Rentals

LBTS Community Association

1. The Beach House Rental is available ONLY FOR MEMBERS (OWNERS) of LBTS Community Association. Rental of the Beach Club includes the inside of the Beach Club House and the adjoining north and west decks. Handicap access must be allowed from the main deck to the handicap ramp (north ramp) at all times upon verbal request of the person or persons needing access. Note: the North ramp is designated handicap accessible and properly designated as such; thus the requests should be minimal.

2. Rental fees:

    Weekends and holidays: $ 1,000

    All other days:                    $ 500

    Reservations less than 30 days: 

      Weekends:                         $ 400

      Weekdays:                         $ 300

    Half Day Rentals – Less than 30 days – Monday – Thursday ONLY 

       9am – 3pm                         $ 75

       4pm – 10pm                      $ 100


      Association Annual Meetings - No Fee

      Other Meetings                             $ 75


     A Security Deposit in the amount of $500 is due along with the rental fee upon execution of the Reservation Agreement. All checks must be on the responsible LBTS owner’s personal account and personally signed.   

All or part of your security deposit refund check will be sent within fourteen (14) days   provided there are not excess cleaning requirements, security problems, or disturbances covered in the instruction sheet.


     Reservations may be made one year in advance. Holiday reservations (New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) will be determined by lottery six (6) months out, if necessary.


    Trash must be removed and the facility returned to the condition in which it was found by 11:59 pm on the day of the event. All catered equipment must be removed and the facility left clean by the caterer by 9:00 am the day following the event. Remember, this is your property and it is your responsibility to maintain it properly.


3. Cancellations: All cancellations will forfeit one-half (1/2) the rental fee if not cancelled more than ninety (90) days prior to the event.

 If LBTS is able to rent your cancelled date, no cancellation fee will be collected.


4. The LBTS owner who rents is personally responsible for following all of the rules explained on the operation of the Beach Club House check sheet. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests and any damages incurred to the property. The Beach Clubhouse and decks are “No Smoking” areas.


The use of our beautiful facility is the responsibility of the LBTS owner signing the application. Security and comfort is to be maintained for all persons in the vicinity of the event in the building and on the north and west adjacent decks.

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LBTS Beach House Calendar

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