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Reunion Hall’s List of Common Vendors with Codes 

With the Implementation of the new Litchfield by the Sea security program there is a revision to the past practice of allowing contractors/vendors and delivery services access to Reunion Hall.  A list of frequent contractors/vendors is being created and maintained by Waccamaw Management.  Contractors/vendors on this list will be assigned new codes that they will enter into the “Vendors Only Keypad” located on the fixed pass scanner tower at the Reunion Hall gate.  All existing four digit codes for contractors/vendors will be deleted from the “Resident Directory” on May 1, 2016 and residents’ four digit codes will be deleted on June 1, 2016.  

All residents please ensure you have a new barcode or a valid phone number in the “Resident Directory” to access the community after June 1, 2016.

Below is the current list of frequent contractors/vendors that come to multiple residences on a regular basis but without having a specific appointment/delivery time with the homeowner.  Other contractors/vendors such as a plumber or pizza delivery, who are contacted by a resident for a scheduled visit/delivery, will not be assigned a key pad code.  A resident can use either the “Resident Directory” phone admit feature (now accommodating long distance/cell phone numbers) or the new resident module computer website, email or voicemail system to have a pass issued to this type of contractor/vendor at the LBTS gate on the day of service/delivery.

Individual requests for additions to the list will be considered if the contractors/vendors meet the above criteria. 

 Please email your request to

Monday - Friday 7 AM - 7 PM     
Saturday 8 AM - 5 PM     
Sunday not at all      

     Lanes Pest Control 
 Carolina Exterminators  
 Coastal Pond Solutions 
 Freedom Lawn      
 Mike Lovullo/Driftwood Homes (The Estates Lot 2 & 23 )
 Lawn Doctor 
 New Home Solutions
 Ron Jordan Landscaping
 Scotts Lawn Service
 Starwood Landscaping
 Ryland Buildings
 Prestige Custom Builders Coastal Energy County Code Enforcement
 County Assessor 
 Fed Ex
 Georgetown Water
 LBTS Security
 Santee Cooper
 Sun News 
 Verizon South
 Waste Industries 
 Tru Green Lawn Service 
 Coastline Pest Management, Inc. Terminix
 Jeff Swain/Natural Lawn Service 
  Mike Sipio, Jr. Landscaping  Coastal Pest Control    

The below vendors have 24/7 access.   
 Georgetown Sheriff & Midway Fire   

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