Saturday, May 9th, 2015


Pursuant to call, the 20th Annual Members’ Meeting of Oystercatcher Island Villas Owners Association, Inc. was held on Saturday, May 9th, 2015, approximately 2:00 pm.  The meeting was convened at the Beach House – Litchfield by the Sea, Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

 The President of the Oystercatcher Island Villas Owners Association, Inc. called the meeting to order by welcoming the Owners in attendance.  Board Members seated at the head table were introduced as follows:

   Richard Broberg, President

   Nancy Seitz, Vice President/Treasurer

   Dave Milne, Secretary / Treasurer


 Community Association Manager, Chris Petrik, and Amberlee Davis, Community Specialist, represented Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC, Managing Agent for the Association.

Richard Broberg, President of the Board, acted as Chairman for the Meeting.  Amberlee Davis stated the total percentage by proxy and in person of Membership represented at the Meeting was 58%, which established a quorum.  

 Chairman Broberg examined the Proof of Mailing of the Notice of the 20th Annual Members' Meeting and that it be filed with the official minutes of the meeting.  

 Chairman Broberg entertained a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the 19th Annual Members’ Meeting and approve the Minutes as written and presented. Upon a motion by Mr. Martel, seconded by Mr. Seitz, and approved with no objections, it was;

 MOVED: Approval to waive the reading of the Minutes of the 19th Annual

     Members’ Meeting and approve the Minutes as written and presented.  


Board of Directors Report-Richard Broberg

1) Roof    Chris Petrik gave BOD an update on the roofing project.

2) Chimney Caps Homes getting chimney caps repaired first will be those with fluting leaks, then, homes that need painting, and finally those needing repair. Question was asked as to why Oystercatcher is waiting until there is a problem and it was stated that each repair costs $550.00. Remark made that Durakek is slippery and what should be used to clean it – Simple Green product.


3) BudgetExhibit C   Chris Petrik presented the audit.

4) Painting Exhibit B

Budget has $40,000 allotted every year plus a Special Assessment of $45,000. It was stated that due to economics the painting was put off. Dominic of DR Services has the contract and receives $4,800 per house. RCB receives $6,800 per house. It was noted that 89 Oystercatcher was $7000 due to rot damage and 37 Riptide, which was used as an experiment, was $5,000. Exhibit B is the painting schedule. President Broberg asked for volunteers to walk the island and come up with a list of homes in a scheduled order to paint. Criteria would be rotting wood, chipped paint and faded wood. If owner refuses the painting then the next house on the list would be painted, per Chris Petrik. If an owner refuses work and there is more damage the homeowner would be responsible, however this will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Owners on list would have notice of the timing of work to be done and Mr. Seidel requested a master schedule be created. Mr. Hale reported that he was not notified of his roof being repaired and consequently had to lower the rent due to the noise. It caused a water leak from roof causing major interior damage ending up costing $26,000. A homeowner asked if they could get their own painter and the answer was negative

 5) Landscaping


Homeowners are not happy with the work DTE is doing. Chris Petrik is getting quotes for another landscaping company now. BOD asked for a Landscaping committee to walk the property. Kimbrell, Radell and Mr. Hale volunteered. Ericka will help plant for free. Mr. Hale asked why they didn’t just raise assessments and Ms. Seitz responded that it would deter buyers into the area. Question asked if homeowners could do their own landscaping and the ARB process was explained. Ms. Seitz remarked that the main issue is vines and weeds by the lake that are not the weekly landscaping contract. That is reason for a special assessment.

Regarding reported raccoons – let the HOA know where they are seen and traps could be set.

  6) Parking

Comment made that car limit in driveway needs to be limited.  Homeowners asked to start thinking about what that limit should be.  Golf cart drivers must be of age.

  7) Insurance Coverage ComparisonExhibit A


 Richard Broberg – President

 Chris Bianco – Secretary/ Treasurer


1. Question asked if more members could be on the Board. Yes, it would take a majority of homeowners to pass. Recommended that members go to oystercatcherowners.com for conversations with other owners.

2. Homeowners can have a homeowner directory amongst themselves but not through the HOA.

3. Question asked about using a different material on the stairs. No response mentioned.

4. Kathy Milne stated that she appreciates the Board of Directors and their interest in the community and said people should be more like neighbors.

5. Erika would like to run the HOA without a management company.


There being no further business to come before the Board, a motion was made by Mr. Martel seconded by Mr. Seitz, and agreed to without objection, it was agreed to adjourn the meeting.


________________Richard Broberg, President


________________Nancy Seitz, Vice President/Treasurer