Saturday, May 19, 2014

Pursuant to call, the 19th Annual Members’ Meeting of Oystercatcher Island Villas Owners Association, Inc. was held on Saturday, May 19, 2014, approximately 3:10 pm.  The meeting was convened at the Beach Club – Litchfield by the Sea, Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

 The President of the Oystercatcher Island Villas Owners Association, Inc. called the meeting to order by welcoming the Owners in attendance.  Board Members seated at the head table were introduced as follows:

   Richard Broberg, President

   Nancy Seitz, Vice President/Treasurer


 Community Association Manager, Chris Petrik, and Amberlee Davis, Community Specialist, represented Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC, Managing Agent for the Association.

Richard Broberg, President of the Board, acted as Chairman for the Meeting.  Amberlee Davis stated the total percentage by proxy and in person of Membership represented at the Meeting was 55.55%, which established a quorum.  

 Chairman Broberg examined the Proof of Mailing of the Notice of the 19h Annual Members' Meeting and that it be filed with the official minutes of the meeting.  

 Chairman Broberg entertained a motion to waive the reading of the minutes of the 19th Annual Members’ Meeting and approve the Minutes as written and presented. Upon a motion by Mr. Martel, seconded by Mr. Seitz, and approved with no objections, it was;

 MOVED: Approval to waive the reading of the Minutes of the 19th Annual

     Members’ Meeting and approve the Minutes as written and presented.



Board of Directors Report-Richard Broberg

 1) Roof

 Mr. Broberg stated that 4 homes remain to have roof replaced. He is concerned that the timeline is taking too long.  The Board wants the 3 units that need shingling to progress through the summer. Chris has established that using Simple Green is safe to use on the Duradek material.

 After Chris spoke with Duradek, they said a low level of power washing the Simple Green would be effective.  


Comment: The owner of unit 312 asked Chris why there are two different colors of shingles.  

Answer: Chris stated that there are old shingles vs. new, and they get worn over time.

 Mr. Broberg stated that he felt the roofing project was underestimated.  He would like to know the breakdown of the estimates as they become available.  He stated that the water damage s and interior repairs went over budget.  

Comment: Why the repairs are so high.  

Answer: Mr. Broberg answered stating that the projects should have been started 5 years ago, so there is more deterioration as a result.  The assumed amount of rotten wood, and interior water damage was also underestimated in his opinion.

 2) Chimneys

 Mr. Broberg would like to get an estimate on new chimney caps, as well as replacing the chimneys all together.  Chris is looking to RCB Construction to report additional damage to the chimneys as the installation progresses.  If damage is found, Chris will inspect prior to RCB finishing the job.

 3) Budget

 Richard reviewed the Budget with the Members.

Comment: What are the Maintenance Fees?

Answer: Mr. Broberg explained in detail the breakdown of the maintenance costs per unit type as they relate to the budget for the HOA.

 4) Painting

 Mr. Broberg reiterated that Mr. Petrik and Dominic of DR Services are walking the property surveying the current condition of the Villas and painting needs noting which units need to be addressed.

Comment: Chris-explained the order of painting needs.  

Answer: Chris indicated that after the roof project is complete, there will be a consistent schedule put in place for painting.

 5) ARB

Comment: Can individual homeowners have work done independently including replacing screens?

Answer: Chris-All owners must submit plans of proposed work to management.  It will then be forwarded to the board for approval.  Once proposed work is approved by Oystercatcher (ARB) Board, it will then be sent to the Litchfield by the Sea (ARB) Board for final approval.  After this course of action is complete the owner will receive final approval from Litchfield by the Sea to move forward with approved plan/design.

  6) Pool

 Mr. Broberg stated that unless you are a renter through LBTS, the pool between Seaside Inn and Summerhouse cannot be utilized.

 7) Road

 Chris states that the potholes are being addressed and will be hot patched.  Also the HOA is looking at possibly patching and filling the larger areas and seal coating the entire property.

 8) Landscaping

 Chris displayed a diagram of the Island indicating near 100 Pods to be finished.  A pod is a particular cluster of homes in different areas of Oystercatcher Island. He pointed out that an area to the Right of the pool was already finished.  The irrigation was approved, roots were pulled, and pine straw was laid. Please email Chris with suggestions on different ground covering of your choice.  Chris is currently looking at  other Associations needs for pine straw and going in on a large supply of pine straw, which will lower the cost all the way around and can include OCI if the BOD approves.

 9) Ice Storm

 Mr. Broberg stated that some trees were damaged during the ice storm, but did not cause them to fall.

 10) Parking

 LBTS is going to expand the parking lot.  There will be a lot for golf cart parking.  LBTS is working on the signage for the lot.  Please report any ticketing that you may have received unjustly to the guard gate or security while the construction is underway of the new parking areas as you may be ticketed inadvertently.

  11) Garbage

   Amberlee has sent out a trash pick-up schedule to all of the Homeowners.  

Comment: Please do not set trash out early as it could be a problem with the raccoons.  Keep the trash under the building in the can.  The trash company will check the cans for trash no matter what when they make their rounds.

  President Broberg then went over summer annoyances such as parking and golf cart problems the Association faces each year. Please do not hesitate to call the front gate if you see a problem. Also, a reminder that fireworks are not allowed to be shot off at Oystercatcher Island. Also, please call Time Warner with any questions or concerns you may encounter with your service, not Waccamaw Management


 Homeowners were given copies of the 2013 Audit.  Chris Petrik reviewed the audit report for year ending December 31, 2013 prepared by Sage & Bell stating the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.  

 There, being no further discussion regarding the report, the meeting turned to the Elections.


 The following Nominees were::


 Chris Bianco (#100)   Charles Schoenwetter (#16)              Nancy Seitz (#31)    

  Chairman Broberg called for any write in nominations from the floor.  Hearing none, he called for a motion to have the election results read by Amberlee.  Upon a reading of the votes, it was determined that Nancy Seitz had the majority of the votes, and was re-elected to the Board.

MOVED: Approval to close the nominations and accept Nancy Seitz to the Board of Directors of the Oystercatcher Island Villas Owners Association, Inc.



 The Membership will vote on the tax resolution to defer excess Association income over Association expenses as defined in IRS Reg. 1-277-1 for the year ended 12/31/13 shall be applied against the subsequent tax year member assessments as provided by IRS Revenue Ruling 70-604.  Upon a motion by Mr. Martel, seconded by Mr. Seitz, and approved with no objections, it was;

 MOVED:  Approval to accept the Tax Resolution by acclamation.


 Name      Email Address

Richard Broberg,

Nancy Seitz,

Dave Milne,

Chris Petrik, Managing Agent

Amberlee Davis, Community Specialist


 No unfinished business was brought before the Board.


Comment: Can Homeowners paint themselves and opt out on assessment?

Answer: Richard will look at sending a survey out asking if Homeowners would like to do that.  A suggestion is including the cost of painting all 45 Units and the Pool House as a separate assessment to get on a new painting schedule.

 There being no further business to come before the Board, a motion was made by Mr. Martel seconded by Mr. Seitz, and agreed to without objection, it was agreed to adjourn the meeting.



Nancy Seitz, Vice President/Treasurer