Saturday, May 14, 2016



  Pursuant to call, the 38th Annual Members’ Meeting of Litchfield By The Sea Community Association, Inc. was held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 commencing at 10:00 am at the Waccamaw Neck Library in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.


  The President of Litchfield By The Sea Community Association, Inc., Bill McElroy, called the meeting to order by welcoming the Owners in attendance.  Board Members seated at the head table were introduced as follows:

        Bill McElroy, President  

        Joe Young, Vice President

        Carroll Player, Treasurer

        Bob Postiglione, Director

        Tom Leis, Director


    Absent were:  Daisy Keesling, Nancy Hopkinson, Vic Figlar and Royce King.   


  Waccamaw Management, LLC, AAMC, Managing Agent for the Association, was represented by Press Courtney, President, Lisa Hergenrother, Community Association Manager; and Vicki Cooper, Executive Assistant.   


  President Bill McElroy, acted as Chairman for the Meeting.  Vicki Cooper was appointed Agent and Proxy for those Members of the Association not present at the Meeting, for the purposes of voting.  Lisa Hergenrother served as Clerk.   


Chairman McElroy requested all Members present who chose to vote by ballot to recover any proxies sent in order to preclude the recording of owners present as both present and by proxy.  The Chairman stated that anyone wishing to allow their proxy to stand would be voting in absentee.


Certification of Proxies:

  The Clerk was requested to report on the Roll Call check-in process and certification of

Proxies in order to verify the establishment of a quorum. In accordance with the governing documents, fifty-one percent (51%) of the total vote of the Association must be present in person or by proxy to constitute a quorum.   The percentage of membership by proxy and person was

56.07 percent.  The Clerk stated that the quorum requirements had been met.


Proof of Mailing:

  The Chairman examined the Proof of Mailing and noted that it, along with a copy of the Notice that was distributed to the Membership, would be filed with the Official Records of the Meeting.


Approval of Minutes:

  The Chairman requested the Clerk to read the Minutes of the 37th Annual Members’ Meeting of the Association unless there was a motion to waive the reading and approve the minutes as written and presented.  Upon a motion by Judy Stark seconded by John Bartha and unanimously approved, it was;

  MOVED:  Approval to waive the reading of the Minutes of the 37th Annual

  Members’ Meeting of Litchfield By The Sea Community Association, Inc. and accept    them as written and presented.



Litchfield Beautification Foundation – John Eaglin

John Eaglin, President of Litchfield Beautification Foundation, spoke about LBF and where the funding comes from, provided info on donations, etc.   


Financial Audit Report:

  Treasurer Carroll Player, reported on the 2015 Audit.   He stated that in Sage and Bell, PA, CPA’s opinion that the financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of Litchfield By The Seas Community Association as of December 31, 2015 and the results of its operations and its cash flows for the year then ended conformed with the accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.  A copy of the Audit Report is filed with the Association’s records.   

Security Report:

Tom Leis presented the security report.  The main focus of the past year was the implementation of the Security Task Force and new barcode and TEM system.   


Communications Report:

Bob Postiglione presented the communications report.  The website has been the major focus trying to create more traffic.  The board is looking into installing a webcam on the beach house deck that will be accessible from the website.   


President’s Report

Bill McElroy presented the President’s Report covering projects completed over the last year.   



Q:  Dan – Compass Point - why was the decision to give barcodes to sons and daughters who live remotely?   

R:  Children and spouses was a debate of the board.  Decision was to limit to children and spouses only.  Total of eight (8) barcodes per owner.  Only person who can issue a pass is the owner.   


Q:  Steven Chmil – Willbrook -  What is the status of MBN property?   

R:  Still is planned.  Right now it is a matter of economics.   


Q:  Dawn Kimbrell  - OCI - Security questions – barcodes being used at beach are children’s being activated for the beach side?  Also, where will the real time webcam be pointed?

R:  Webcam – something to draw people to the website.  It will be looking at the ocean – not used for security.

Barcodes – resident, children (and spouses) –are entitled to barcodes and will have beach access.   


Q:  George Lyndecker – River Club  – 1) children of local residents – allowed to have barcodes; 2) drones with cameras – allowed on property?

R:  1) yes 2) there is no policy regarding drones.   

C:  Ernest O – Sandpiper Run - Lives on 4th floor – drone flew close to balcony.  Safety issue.   


Q:  Gail Thomas – Bridgewater -  Is the Beach House available to both the beach and west side owners.

R:  Yes – it is for all association members use to rent.   


Q:  Jackson – Shipyard Village – what is the contractor barcode policy?

R:  Resident’s call in pass for service providers.  Every community has a common/frequent vendor list.   


Q:  Cheryl Bayless – Magnolia Run – Is there a way to create reports from the new security system?  There is an owner printing pass for non owner renewing every thirty days.    

R:   The new system can run reports.   


Q:  Linda Caswell – River Club – Tom, barcodes to sons/daughters and spouses who live locally?  Why do they only pay $20?  Shouldn’t they pay a higher amount?   

R:  That was a discussion of the security task force and presented to the Board as a fair amount to charge.   


Q:  Mark Caswell – Drainage into Osprey Lake – bringing in fresh water.  Could be a major fish kill problem.

R:  The weir works both way -  water drains through now    


Election of Directors:

The primary purpose of the Annual Members’ Meeting is to allow the Membership to elect Directors of the Association, to vote on the Tax Resolution, and any other issues brought before the Meeting.

  It was necessary to elect three (3) members to the Board this year.  The terms of  Tom Leis, Bill McElroy and Joe Young expire this year.  A Nominating Committee was appointed by the Litchfield By The Sea Community Association Board of Directors for the 2016 Annual Meeting and the nominees presented to the membership are listed below:


Tom Leis        River Club        3 years (2019)

Bill McElroy       Tradition        3 years (2019)

Joe Young        Somerset        3 years (2019)


  There were five write in votes casted and when contacted, all declined the nomination.   The Chairman requested a motion to close the nominations.  Upon a motion by Frank Sites seconded by Ron Eaglin and unanimously approved, it was;   MOVED:  Approval to close the nominations.

Upon a motion Mrs. Player, seconded by Bob Gilman and unanimously approved, it was;   MOVED:  Approval to accept slate by acclamation.   


Election of Tax Resolution:

  The Chairman stated that the Membership voted on the Tax Resolution which allows for the excess Association income over Association expenses to be deferred to the following year’s assessments.  The Tax Resolution is for the ‘sole purpose of allowing the Homeowners’ Association the opportunity to take advantage of a regular corporation’s 15 percent marginal tax rate rather than the Homeowners’ Association 30 percent tax rate.  A copy of the Tax Resolution has been filed in the Association records.  Upon a motion Jeff Simpson, seconded by Bob

Gilman and unanimously approved, it was;

 MOVED:  Approval to accept the Tax Resolution for the year ending December 31, 2016 by acclamation.   


Unfinished Business:

There being no unfinished business to come before the Board, the meeting turned to new business.   


New Business:  

Comment:  Joe Clatterbuck – RCL – what is the process for electing directors.  

R:  There is a nominating process.  Rotated ocean site and west side.   


There being no further business to bring before the Board, and upon a motion  by Diane Stern  seconded by Jeff Simpson and unanimously approved, the Meeting was adjourned.  




William McElroy



              Daisy Keesling




Meeting Commenced:  10:00 AM

Meeting Adjourned:     11:07 AM