A Letter to our homeowners and visitors from Bill McElroy, President of the

Litchfield by the Sea
Board of Directors

Litchfield by the Sea

Spring 2017

Spring has arrived and Summer is just about to start the “High Use Season” at LBTS.  We want to welcome our first-time visitors and our new owners by urging you to join our returning persons to visit our Website http://litchfieldbythesea.com/ regularly.   We have made every effort to keep this informational website as up to date as possible.

The last few months at LBTS has been very busy. Hurricane Matthew got us off to an unusual start of several Winter projects that must be done during the “Off Season” to accommodate the traffic on the roads at the beach.  

Much major work was done at the LBTS Swimming Pool located within the River Club gate.  I want to remind Visitors and Owners of LBTS that you are encouraged to use that pool at any time.  Some associations have their private pools, but this is the only pool that all owners and visitors can use. Please do not swim at any other pool unless you are an owner or guest at that specific Association

The Georgetown Storm Water Control Department has completed the $1,000,000 plus improvement to the-intake and out-take to Osprey Lake which is the location where a very large watershed empties into the marsh.  This was a County project and they were able to complete it with very little disruption to our members and guests. The County has made it possible to repair our large pipes that were needing to be replaced by getting the contractor to add them to their project. This gave us the ability to lower our costs since the contractor was already on site and the project could be done as a one-time disruption. They also built another fishing dock and a wildlife viewing area on the South side of the lake.

The remaining three tennis courts are nearly complete and that will bring all 6 courts up to the standards we all want.  A second court was striped with “pickle ball “markings which will bring us to two courts for “pickle ball” play.

The second phase of “Overflow Parking” on the green space next to the tennis courts was completed as overflow parking during Holiday peak attendance.  It is built to the same standards as the one we built last year.  

As you have noticed by now, the development of the old structures at Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort are being demolished according to their plans 7 years ago when all members of LBTS voted to approve the redevelopment of that property to include retail and 100 condo units in exchange for a total of 1½ Million dollars to the reserve fund when the project is complete.  There is no timetable on this, but we will keep you posted as soon as we are aware of their progress.

Traffic at the front gate is getting bad, thanks to the increased traffic at the Willbrook / Hwy 17 intersection.  We have been working on methods to lower the demand on the main gate during peak times.  Realtors are using the “scanned Passes” now and they are directing all traffic to initially enter the Beach Campus via the “South Gate” formerly known as the Owners gate. We are installing a pass reader on the exit side at the South gate to allow everyone who chooses to use it to exit there.  The bar code and scanned pass process is complete and is working well. We will keep you posted on this and other plans to improve our traffic and security plans.

Thank you for your patience this Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Everything should be back to normal by Memorial Day.

Just a reminder, always visit http://litchfieldbythesea.com/ for the latest information.

The entire Board of Directors welcomes you and we hope you have a beautiful visit to our Premier Resort Development and I thank you for allowing me to serve you as President of LBTS.


Bill McElroy