Bar Code Contact: Christine Strembicki,
c/o Waccamaw Management,
PO Box 2308, Pawleys Island, SC  29585.

Office Phone 843-237-9551

Your barcode will allow you access to your community, the beach, and the LBTS pool at River Club, via the main and back gates.

Golf Carts

All residents that own golf carts must have a decal or a barcode attached to the golf cart. Residents must sign a statement stating that the barcode will be permanently affixed to the golf cart.


The barcode must be placed on the outside of the passenger side rear window

1. Always place the bar codes on the same side of the vehicle that the reader is on.

2. Apply to the outside of the window.

3. Orient bar code with the stripes running horizontally and the numbers on the
right hand side (as shown).

4. The bottom of the bar code should be at least 36 inches above the ground.

5. The top of the bar code should be no more than 65 inches above the ground.

6. Remove the blue LBTS windshield decal.


1. Be sure to clean the glass thoroughly where the bar code will be placed.

2. If wax and other coatings are not removed, the bar code will not bond with
the glass and may be easily removed.

3. Rinse and dry the window glass.

4. If placed on the vehicle anywhere other than the glass, it can be difficult
to remove without damaging the surface.

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